faq-stjohnsWhat makes the Hermitage different from retreat centers?

Ongoing spiritual direction and recreation will be available only to Priests. Laity are welcome to stay at nearby Shawnee Hills State Park. The Hermitage will have a facilities manager to oversee operations and food service.

Will the Priests need to pay anything?

No, the Hermitage will be available at no charge to all Priests from any Diocese.

Are non-Catholic clergy welcome?

The Hermitage is designated for Catholic Priests only.

How much notice does one need to stay there?

The vision for the Hermitage is that it is available any time it is needed, even at the last minute, space permitting.

How will the Hermitage be financed?

This is a non-profit organization that is seeking donations and financial sponsors — including individuals and organizations from the surrounding Diocese and individual Parishes.

Who will own the Hermitage?

The vision is that the Priests will own, operate and manage the Hermitage as their own.

What activities will be available at the Hermitage?

The vision is for Mass, private prayer, quiet time, fraternal time, walking/hiking trails, tent camping, horseback riding, mountain biking, outdoor landscaping and projects involving construction equipment if any of the Priests would like to relax in this manner.

What is the timeframe for the Hermitage?

We are on God’s time … we are currently building support for the project before we move forward on construction of the Hermitage. We have no set dates at this time.